Next Generation Flat Panel Displays – the Backplane Challenge

The $100 Billion flat panel display industry is starting to adopt the next generation of display technologies. Two technologies in particular, high resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) and Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLED), are already being used in the iPhone and Galaxy S Smartphones.

These next generation displays have been well received by customers because they are good looking, perform well, are power efficient, have superior contrast ratios, a much improved color gamut, and provide high resolution images and text while having a thin and light form factor.

However, large scale market adoption has been slow because backplane technologies used for both of these high performance TFT-LCD and AMOLED displays have severe production scaling constraints and require very high capital expenditure dollars for process equipment, thus their cost is too high and availability is low.

This is about to change…. with CBRITE’s revolutionary Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistor (MO-TFT) backplane technology.

The CBRITE Backplane Solution

CBRITE has developed a unique, scalable, high performance, low cost backplane solution suitable for the next generation of TFT-LCD and AMOLED displays, with applications ranging from mobile phone displays to large size flat panel TV’s. This new technology will help revolutionize the $100 Billion a year flat panel display industry for all fixed and portable devices.

CBRITE Advantages:
  • Minimal CAPEX required because manufacturing tools are readily available in existing facilities
  • Intrinsically scalable processes
  • Outstanding image quality (color, contrast, aperture ratio and mobility)
  • Improved reliability and useful life by as much as 20X
  • >10X reduction in power consumption compared to today’s LCDs is possible
  • Inherent uniformity

CBRITE’s unique Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistor (MO-TFT) technology significantly outperforms all existing and developmental display backplane technologies including other companies’ MO-TFT processes, and all Low Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) in terms of performance, functionality and manufacturing cost.

In addition, there is a huge CAPEX savings when implementing CBRITE’s technology because the manufacturing tools for all larger Generation (e.g. Gen 8.5) glass are readily available for use in existing facilities, and can be quickly and easily utilized for CBRITE’s unique processes without productivity losses common with other new technologies. For example, an existing a-Si production line can be repurposed for less than 5% the cost of a new equivalent LTPS line, and at about 15% of the cost of an alternate MO-TFT system.

The CBRITE team has successfully engineered, manufactured, tested, and demonstrated fully-functional display prototypes based on its technology. CBRITE has further demonstrated a capability to fabricate backplanes on a full scale Gen 2.5 manufacturing line and is working with some of the world’s leading display related companies to now bring this new and revolutionary technology to market.